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We, Four H Club Co.,Ltd believe in the power of people, we believe in you.

We are looking for agents who can represent us in your country as a “Car easy buy”.

Agents can sell carefully selected vehicles of Four H Club Co.,Ltd through “Car easy buy” network without owning vehicles by themselves. Agents can also buy vehicles from Four H Club Co.,Ltd to display at agent’s yard.

  What is Car easy buy?

“Car easy buy” is a second hand vehicle worldwide network which is run by Four H Club Co., Ltd.

  What is Four H Club Co., Ltd?

Four H Club Co., Ltd is a Japanese automobile company that has been in the automobile business since 1988, and it has currently sold over 10,000 vehicles all over the world. Not only selling second hand vehicles, we sell also brand new ones.

Currently we have “Car easy buy” operation in countries below;


Micronesia – Chuuk

Micronesia – Pohnpei

Micronesia – Kosrae









  What is our motto?

Our company philosophy can be summarized by a famous Japanese saying “Ichigo Ichie”. We value all our first time experiences and interaction with all our clients. Therefore “Ichigo Ichie” means that we treat all interactions with clients or people with the utmost respect, giving our 100% and presenting the very best of our offers and business benefits because this may be the last chance of meeting you as a client or person.

  What is Four H Club Co.,Ltd responsibility towards Agents?

●We will provide you our attractive trade name “Car easy buy”.

●We will offer you 3 types of membership to choose from.

●We will supply promotion tools and sample of necessary documents (signage, pamphlet, business card, invoice, contract etc.)

●We will be a source of honest information on vehicles as requested by the customer.

●We will ensure that the necessary documents are sent on time from Japan.

●We will provide parts easily because we have all the record of vehicle we sell through “Car easy buy”

  What is the role &function of Car Agents?

●Consulting and Negotiating with customer for vehicle.

●Explaining car importation/exportation process/procedure to customer.

●Organizing clearance at custom and transportation of vehicle to customer. 

●Advising & assisting customers whenever they need spare parts from Japan.

●May offer optional car related services; vehicle tire change, belt change, air conditioner, installation CD player, car camera and others.

  What do you need to get started as an agent?

●Work space (booth, shop, office)

●Mobile phone & telephone line

●Internet access

●English fluency

●Ability for daily communication with Four H Club Co.,Ltd

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