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Rent a Car in Kyoto

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Our office is a 15-minute walk from KATSURAGAWA Station on the JR Kyoto line. KATSURAGAWA is 2 stations away from JR Kyoto Station.

For those planning to come directly to our office, we offer a complimentary pick-up service from JR KatsuragawaHankyu Katsura or Hankyu Rakusaiguchiplease click here for more details.

Sign up to become a member and receive a 5% discount!. Click here for more details. Register the membership here


KEI CAR(light car)

For 4 people

For 2people


For 5 people

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For 7~8people

We have both short term and long term car rental services for you at a reasonable price!

★2 TON₋TRUCK is availabe now


★ The return time for the 2-ton truck is limited to 19:00. Unmanned return service is not available.

★  If you are moving in KYOTO using 2-ton truck, We offer a convenient Package plan.

Our Business Hours: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM (7 Days a week)

Please note that if you arrive at our office earlier than your booking time, there may not be staff available to assist you.

Your punctuality is greatly appreciated.

Early Check-In (8:00 AM – ): An extra charge of ¥1,000 applies for early check-in (starting from 8:00 AM). Advance reservation is required.

What You Need to Rent a Car

  ★ Valid driver's license (Japanese license or International license) please click here for details!

  ★ Credit card

  ★ Residence Card ( if you live in Japan)

  ★ Passport ( if you are a tourist)

  ★ ¥50,000 Bond by credit card ( if you are a tourist)

  ★ Minimum age ( 21 and over)

Debit Card
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Our Happy customers!Thank you for choosing us!

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       We have no hourly rate, so rental fee is the same up to 24 hours.

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※ All fees include tax and insurance.

※ The rental age eligibility is 21 years old and above, so please be aware of this requirement.

※ Our office hours are from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, seven days a week. However, please note that there may not be staff available if you arrive at our office earlier than your scheduled booking time. We appreciate your punctuality.

Early check-in (8:00 AM and later) incurs an additional charge of ¥1,000.

※ All of our cars come with standard auto insurance coverage, which includes Bodily Injury Compensation (in case you cause an accident that injures another person), Personal Injury Compensation (for the driver and passengers), Property Damage Compensation, Vehicle Compensation, and Roadside Assistance.

Any enquiry Call us on 

080-3934-3919(AM7:00 :00~PM7:00)

※  Click here for more details about insurance

※ Note: Excess and Non-Operation Charge may apply. 

Mileage Rules: An additional charge of ¥10 per kilometer will apply if the travel distance exceeds 1,500 kilometers within a 30-day period. This rule resets at the beginning of each 30-day period.

Maintenance Service: Monthly inspections are required for long-term rentals.

Fuel Policy: Please return your rental car with a full tank of gas. Otherwise, a charge of ¥200 per liter will apply.

Click here for a map of Gas station(petrol station)around our office.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel between 48 hours and 24 hours before pick-up, a 50% rental fee will be charged.

  • If you cancel within 24 hours before pick-up, the full rental fee (100%) will be charged.

Click here for more details.

 ★Location of Pick-ups and Returns 

If you require delivery or pick-up of your rental car in the Kyoto city area or at the airport, an additional fee will apply: ¥3,000 within Kyoto City, ¥10,000 at Itami Airport, and ¥15,000 at Kansai Airport.

レンタカー受け取りと返却プライスリスト 画像(英語版).JPG

 ● We offer an airport pickup and 3-day rental package. We will pick you up at the airport, bring you to Kyoto, and provide the car for your use for 3 days. click here for more details.

 ● For the airport pick-up location,  please click here.  


★Step-by-Step Guide to our Car Rental Process

Step 1: Please check the car's availability. If the car is available, please proceed to the next page to choose your options.

Step 2: Next, proceed to the following page to enter customer information.

Step 3: Select your payment method.

★Contact us ! by email: or social media you like  

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Accessories :Standard equipment, free of charge!!

● USB, Cigarette Lighter Socket 

★Other rental goods!

We also offer some other convenient goods for you to rent!

They will make your trip nicer and easier! You don't have to buy everything you need during your trip.

Just rent it. Quick and easy.



Address: 〒615-8052 京都市西京区牛ケ瀬堂田町 59 

59 USHIGASE DOUDEN-CHO, NISHIKYO-KU, KYOTO 615-8052   TEL: 080-3934-3919

* The nearest station is JR KATSURAGAWA Station.  

* 15minutes’ walk from KATSURAGAWA Station (East exit) on the JR Kyoto line.


* JR KATSURAGAWA Station is 2 stops from JR Kyoto Station. 

 ●For those planning to come directly to our office, we provide complimentary pick-up service from JR KATSURAGAWA station.  please click here for more details.

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