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Overseas Car Transportaion Service

If you want to send any cars from Japan to overseas country, we will arrange the shipment.

We have been selling used cars to overseas for many years.

Taking advantage of that experience, we will arrange the transportation of your car quickly and at low costs.

● Service includes :

● Picking up your vehicle at your location and transporting it to the port

● Arrangement of a car de-registration in Japan

● Reservation of the shipment

● Arrangement of the marine insurance

● Arrangement of the custom clearance in Japan

● Shipping charge of the documents to destination (DHL and so on)


※ Optional menu … Inspection and maintenance before loading

(ex. Checking oil, water and belt) YEN 5,500 ~

● The breakdown of the costs :

海外車両輸送サービス 原稿 (HP English) 価格表.png

(The total price differs depending on the size of a vehicle, picking up location, and destination.)

● For further details, we will give you an estimate !

** Notice **

●Port clearance, import processing and registration within the destination country are not provided by this service. These will need to be done by the importer of the vehicle.

●Once the ship leaves a port in Japan, we won’t be able to responsible for any incident of damages.

●“FOUR H CLUB” Overseas sales network

We have sent a lot of vehicles to the country the below.

Palau, Micronesia, Tonga, Samoa, Other South Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Africa, Caribbean sea, and so on.

We have received many thank you letters from customers around the world.

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