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How to buy a car in JAPAN!

We are a car dealership located in Kyoto, JAPAN. We sell both

brand new and good quality used cars in Japan and overseas. 

First of all, you need to make sure you have everything with you before you buy a car.

Residence Card (在留カード)

​Residence Certificate(住民票)

Stamp (Seal) Certificate (印鑑証明書)

​Drivers 'License (運転免許証)

Parking Space Certificate (車庫証明書)

Just tell us what kind of car you are looking for! We can access all car auctions held through out Japan to find your car. or check our current stock below.

Find Cars for Sale

 Buying a car requires quite a bit of paperwork. But don't worry, we will help you out!

Residence Certificate.


Before getting a Residence Certificate, you have to notify the municipal office if your are moving in.

You must do this within 14 days from your arrival. You need to show your Resident Card, driver`s license and passport. You also need to fill out a form which is written in Japanese.

Resident Certificates are issued in Registration and Residents Division and Branch Offices, certificate Section.

Please remember that Residence Certificates are usually valid for 3 months. Different municipalities have different procedures.

Stamp (Seal) Certificate.


A certificate showing that a municipality has proved that a registered stamp (seal) was registered.

A seal that is registered at a government office (City hall) is referred to as a jitsu-in. It is necessary to do a "registered seal registration" beforehand at the City hall.


Driver's Licenses.


An overseas license may be converted to a Japanese license. Depending on where the overseas license was issued, there may or may not be tests required.


Parking Space Certificate.


In Japan, all privately owned automobiles are required to have a specific parking space. Parking by the roadside is prohibited. The width and length of space should be sufficient for your vehicle and must be with in 2km from your registered residence address. Car parking spaces which can be paid for monthly are a good option. Once you have found a suitable parking space, you can then request that your landlord, building owner or real-estate agent fill in an official form to prove that the space is yours.

The necessary documents for a standard-size car and a Kei-car (low cost, lightweight compact car, the engine is limited to 660cc and seating is limited to 4) are different.


Once you have everything prepared, you can buy a car!

Just tell us what kind of car you are looking for!

We can access all car auctions held through out Japan to find your car.


or check our current stock.


Purchase Procedures

4 Easy steps!

1st step!      We will find your car or you choose a car from our stock!

Black and Red Down Arrow

2nd Step!   Payment:( Cash, Credit card, Bank transfer)

Black and Red Down Arrow

3rd Step!    Vehicle Registration:

                   We will take your car to the District Land Transfer Bureau in your residential area

                   to register your car. If your residential address is outside of KYOTO, an

                   extra fee will be applied. ex, Osaka;¥25,000 Nagoya;¥35,000

Black and Red Down Arrow

4th Step!    Delivery:

                   When the registration is completed, the car is finally yours!


Other Information

●Public Inspection:車検(SYAKEN)

​In Japan, there is a regulation called Syaken which is a public vehicle inspection which must be renewed every two years. All cars must pass the Syaken inspection.


Vehicle inspection and registration systems contribute to ensure vehicle safety and prevent pollution. It also allows identification of individual vehicles and gives a general idea of the cars condition and usage.


We arrange Syaken and renew it for a reasonable cost.

●Car Insurance:自動車保険(HOKEN)

​There are two types of insurance in Japan. One is a mandatory (compulsory) automobile liability insurance and the other is an optional (voluntary) insurance.


Mandatory insurance is required by law. This insurance is renewed every two years along with the Syaken inspection.


Mandatory insurance covers only the other party in accident resulting in injury or death. This insurance does not apply to the following cases.

 ・Injury of the vehicle driver (yourself)
 ・Repair costs of your vehicle
 ・Independent accident resulting in injury or death of yourself
 ・Any damage to property or objects (poles, fences etc.)


Optional (voluntary) insurance covers both yourself and any other parties involved in an accident.

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Address: 〒615-8052 京都市西京区牛ケ瀬堂田町 59 


TEL: 075-382-0077   EMAIL:

* The nearest station is JR KATSURAGAWA Station.  

* 14 minutes’ walk from KATSURAGAWA Station (East exit) on the JR Kyoto line. * JR KATSURAGAWA Station is 2 stops from JR Kyoto Station. 

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