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Insurance Policy


Bodily injury compensation

Unlimited per person (includes the JPY 30 million from the Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance) 

If you cause a car accident that injures another person, bodily injury liability coverage helps pay for their medical expenses


Vehicle compensation

Market rate per accident

Deductible of JPY 50,000 for all vehicles in case of an accident unless you pay extra fee.

*Towing fees during accidents apply

*Punctured or blown-out tires do not apply


Property Damage compensation

Unlimited per accident

Property damage insurance covers you for any financial liability that occurs should you get into an accident and cause damage to someone else's property. 


Personal injury compensation

Up to JPY 50 million per person

Compensation will be paid when a passenger sustains an injury (including any complications) or die as a result of a traffic accident, regardless of the existence of negligence on the part of the driver. The compensation for damage or loss will be calculated based on the standards stipulated in the insurance contract.


Insurance and compensation policies will not apply in the following circumstances:

   •  When the damage exceeds the compensation

   •  When the accident was not reported to the police

   •  When exclusions stipulated in the insurance policy apply


 (1) Cost of repairing punctured or blown-out tires; (2) Loss of hubcaps*; (3) Deliberate accidents (Intentional Act), etc.

   •When it is clear that the driver was in violation of our car rental agreement.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol; (2) Reckless driving; (3) Driving under the influence of drugs; (4) Unauthorized extensions; (5) Leaving the scene of an accident; (6) Vehicle driven by a person not authorized by us; (7) Renting the vehicle to someone else, etc.

  2. When there is failure to exercise due diligence

      (1) Damage to the vehicle’s internal accessories; (2) Theft when the vehicle was left unlocked; (3) Leaving the scene of an          accident in a no-parking area; (4) Other anti-social behavior; (5) Refueling the vehicle with the wrong type of fuel; (6) Loss          of keys; (7) Smoking inside the vehicle (including e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn cigarettes), etc.


Exemptions from Payment

   •  Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

   •  Cost of repairing punctured or blown-out tires

   •  Loss of hubcaps

Roadside assistance

   •  Towing the vehicle to the repair shop specified by the pickup station

   •  Unlocking of a vehicle that has the keys locked inside 

   •  Jumping the car battery

   •  Spare tire replacement

   •  Refueling the vehicle with 10 liters of fuel when it is out of gas *The customer must pay the cost of the fuel.

   •  Pulling a vehicle stuck in a ditch

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