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Car easy solution in JAPAN!

Are you looking for a brand new car or a quality used car? 

We can help you!


Buying a car is a quite a bit of work especially in Japan, as all the paper work and negotitation are done in Japanese.

We can assist you to buy a car from start to finish. (Click here for How-to-buy-a-car-in-Japan)

If you want to go to a Car dealer such as TOYOTA, LEXUS or even Mercedes-Benz and Maserati, any car dealers we can go with you and to assist you.

We can arrange a test drive and get a quotation as well.


Additionally, We can help you to find a suitable car insurance plan and parking space.


When you return to your country, we can buy your car or even arrange to send it to your country. (Click here for more details)


If you are interested, please contact us by phone, email or even SNS to book a free consultation.   

TEL: 080-3934-3919    Email:

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Our services:

  • Helping to buy a brand-new car.

  • Going to a dealer with you (booking a test drive and getting a quotation)

  • Finding a right car insurance

  • Finding a parking space

  • Arranging to send your car to your country

  • Buying your car if you want to sell it

  • Helping to get official documents at the government office and etc

Price List

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