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Are you moving in KYOTO? 

2 ton truck rental package plan!

If you are moving out of KYOTO, please talk to us about details ! 

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IMG_6175 (1).jpg

MAZUDA Titan2ton truck ★size of truck bed、Depth:300㎝、Width:175㎝、Height:200㎝

2ton truck moving package ¥20,000/day(tax included)

Optional extra:One Driver (¥10,000)​

★Package includes 

1,Truck rental fee for 24 hours

​2,Car Insurance fee※NOC coverage fee,Tax,

3,Truck delivery fee in KYOTO city area (your designated place)

4,Truck pick-up fee in KYOTO city area (your designated place)

5,① 2 plywood panels  ② Stopper Belt ③ 4 Boxes (2 big, 2 small) ④ 1dolly ⑤ 3 cushion mat

If you want to rent only Hundy goods(①~⑤ in the photo below) Fee is ¥7000.


※If a vehicle requires repair, the customer, who is attributed to the accident, may be charged a portion of the compensation for the loss of use due to the repair.

but Non Operation Charge coverage will cover the NOC you would normally have to pay.

 Extension charge:¥1,000/ per hour,​ ¥9,500/ per day

​Payment: credit card or banck transfer all in advance.

Please be aware that this particular insurance comes with a deductible cost of ¥10,000


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